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Author Topic: Kernel Panic - MSI Z68ma-ed55 - iBoot Lagacy Picture taken - DSDT needed?  (Read 6424 times)
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im pretty new to it.. Searching now for information for about 2 weeks.

I want to install Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on my PC


MSI Z68ma-ed55
Intel i7-2600k
4 GB G.Skill ram
HDD with 400 & 40 GB Space
nVidia/MSI GTX 560 ti twin frozr OC

I tryed these boot Loaders:
iBoot lagacy

With iBoot lagacy I get an Kernel Panic Massage/Error.
All others got the error "can't find mach_kernel"
Tryed -v -x, busratio=10

I used a turorial from

I think its an ACIP problem. And I will need a DSDT patch for my UEFI-Bios and then I am able to install it, am I right?
I read that ACPI tables are sometimes updated/patched. TO get osx running on a PC.

Am I wrong when I say that the DSDT is getting updated before I run Snow leopard installer?
I found a lot of videos but they are allmost everytime still running os x.

Maybe someone could help me with this problem? Please Please Answer if you have any Idea or something what i could do..

I found a Polish Forum where someone called iStig is running this Board with some DSDT Updates but I cant post links

If someone could help me I could send him these links via PM.

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