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Author Topic: How to get mac OS to install on a Raid 0 Windows Hard drive  (Read 4027 times)
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« on: March 03, 2010, 02:31:20 am »

Hello,  I'm new to the forum and have been looking around to an answer to this question, If this question has already been asked, I'm sorry for asking it again, but could not find it.  I just built a new I7 system which has a main drive with windows 7 on a 60GB SSD, and then i have 2x 1TB hard drives in raid 0 for my storage drive.  I have 1.3TB of that formated for windows storage and I left the remaining 700GB unformatted for a Mac OS install, but I cant get the Mac OS to recognize its existence.  The disk utility recognizes each individual hard drive but not the raid configuration.  I really could not find to much info on this other then that you can not install Mac OS on the same partition as windows cause they are different file formats.  But since the raided drive has two different partitions shouldn't i be able to format the other half as a different format?  Is there maybe some sort of program that is available to do this?  Any help is appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance!


Just in case it is of some use this is my system

Processor = i7 920 (hyper-threading turned off)
Ram = DDR3 (3x 2GB) 6gb 7-7-7-20 1600mhz
Motherboard = Asus Rampage II Gene
Video Card = Asus EN8400GS

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