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Author Topic: Dell Inspiron 9100 fails to "convert"  (Read 4388 times)
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« on: October 15, 2012, 10:42:07 pm »

Hi! I'm new on this forum because I got intrigued by the possibility of transforming my aging Inspiron 9100 into a reasonably operating M*c.  I watched a couple of videos on YouTube showing the results on the same machine, and I got excited at the possibility of playing with a new toy!
However, after having started the process, several things happened: I had created two iBoot CDs, one the standard one, and the "legacy" iBoot CD, fearing my laptop would fall within this last category.
Surely enough, upon using the standard iBoot CD, I got a message right at the start that said to me "your laptop is a dinosaur", because instead of a valid hex number for the error code I got "0xdeadbeef".
Prompted by that message, I thought I should use the "legacy" CD.  To my surprise, this time the process started with a couple of minor hicups after switching the iBoot CD with the OsX install disc.
However, after a minute or so, I got several lines of what appeared to be an install failure dump detailing the reason for the failure. It had something to do with my laptop's platform no being ACPI (or similar acronym) or having such attributes.
I'm baffled at the fact that this is happening because the laptop is almost 100% original. The only upgrades I did to it to be able to host Win7 Ultimate were more RAM (2GB from 1GB), a newer Bluetooth device, and a DVD burner.
Specs: Intel P4 HT 3.2Ghz CPU (predecessor to the DuoCore), ATI 9700 Video, 2GB RAM, 100GB IDE HDD, double layer DVD burner, V56 modem, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.  BIOS version is A06 (latest) and it's tight, so there's no way to alter settings beyond what is offered by Dell.
I have pictures of the errors, in case someone feels it's worth pursuing this endeavour.  Any help will be appreciated!
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