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Author Topic: AT&T Rebranding Itself As A "Lifestyle Company"  (Read 1929 times)
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AT&T Rebranding Itself As A "Lifestyle Company"

With the constant barrage of Luke Wilson ads from AT&T, and Verizon ads claiming there's a "map for that,"  AT&T is deciding to take a different approach and is attempting to claim itself as a "lifestyle company," according to AppleInsider.New commercials from the company first started airing a slogan of "Rethink Possible" on Thursday during The Masters.  The slogan is being rolled out in five new TV ads, and will cover a various array of AT&T products and services."AT&T is launching a brand new promise, 'Rethink Possible, 'that articulates what AT&T is today: An innovation company," the company said in a statement.  "Rethink Possible will highlight how AT&T is delivering meaningful innovation that's changing how people live, work and play.  It conveys our desire to push the limits of what's possible to make life better for our customers.  We rethink possible so our customers can rethink possible."One ad portrays a man of the future who becomes the US President, and his parents look on with admiration.  The ad then goes back to an earlier point in the man's life, where his parents first met, and the man's father changed a train ticket on his phone.  It ends with "Any second could be the second," before ending with the new logo and slogan.  And of course, following that is the line that states AT&T has the nation's fastest 3G network.  As part of the rebranding, the new logo has the AT&T globe but no longer contains the name of the company in the graphic design.  It wants to make customers think that it is more than just a company involved with telecommunications but is rather an "innovation company."What do you think dear readers?  Will this change your opinion of AT&T?  Even with rumors running rampant about a Verizon version of the iPhone?
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