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Author Topic: iPad Comes In Colors – For A Price  (Read 1839 times)
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iPad Comes In Colors – For A Price

 If you thought something was missing when Apple announced the iPad would be available only in white, there's a company in Minnesota whose web site you may want to visit.ColorWare, a company that specializes in adding color to consumer electronics, now offers custom paint jobs on the iPad starting at $400. The price can go up, depending on what kind of paint job you pick. (The highest we were able to get it to go was $445.)You can send in your own iPad, but you will be without it for about 3 weeks, they say. Alternatively, you can add $500, and they'll paint a new iPad to be shipped to you, also in about 3 weeks.ColorWare is not a stranger to the Apple ecosystem. Among the Apple products they sell and customize are the Macbook, the Magic Mouse, the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Classic.They're not exclusive to Apple products, though: Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft products fill out their game consoles category. They also customize Dell and Alienware laptops.Colorware's site features a design studio that allows you to pick your color scheme. On the iPad, three parts can be colored: the body, the Apple logo, and the home button. We got the design studio to work on our iPhone 3GS, but it really taxed the phone. Still, that's better than not working at all.It should probably go without saying that customizing any gadget like this will likely void its warranty. On new products, ColorWare gives a 1-year parts and labor warranty on the coloring and the hardware, and offers two-year warranties as an upgrade. For products sent in, they provide a 30-day parts and 1-year labor warranty on the coloring and hardware. Via Gizmodo
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