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Author Topic: iPad Case Resembles Delicious Bacon  (Read 1674 times)
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iPad Case Resembles Delicious Bacon

 We've all got that one friend who's holding out on buying an iPad because Apple's latest device doesn't look like a raw breakfast food.You know the type. He's got Captain Crunch as his Facebook profile photo. He's got a tattoo of the Maypo logo. When he runs from a fight, he screams "they're after me lucky charms!" His desktop background is a photo of fried eggs on toast.Well, now your friend (or anyone who likes creative nonsequiturs) can buy an iPad with confidence, knowing he or she can buy a case that looks like bacon.The iPad Bacon Case looks like bacon, but is actually handmade from wool, felt, and olive soap by Etsy member Antjes, of Munich, Germany, who has a 100% feedback rating on the site. Etsy is a site that specializes in handmade items and connecting makers with buyers.Antjes has priced the cases at $59, and charges $8 to ship outside of Germany.The artist offers a number of other breakfast-themed items, including a bacon and egg iPhone/iPad case, the bacon keychain, bacon stripes fridge magnets, bacon potholders, and the iPod Shuffle bacon bits case.So now your friend has no excuse.On Friday evening, there were 612 handmade items mentioning the iPad on etsy.If you have another friend that's holding out because he's waiting for a message from Cybertron, there's something for him there, too. (At least until Hasbro finds out.)Via Gizmodo
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