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Author Topic: In Case You Missed It: Apr. 4 - Apr 10  (Read 1986 times)
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In Case You Missed It: Apr. 4 - Apr 10

Well, if the week before last was the week of the iPad, last week was the
 week of iPhone OS 4.0. Apple's big announcement event answered a number
 of criticisms, introduced a bunch of exciting new developments, and set
 off fresh rounds of speculation.And with the new OS in
developers' (and jailbreakers') hands, you just knew the stories off the
official press beat were going to show some of the tastier little
features not covered on Thursday. But guess what? Other things happened,
 and we were there. So join us for our weekly coffee and the best of the
 week from Mac|Life.Features:- Wi-Fi Edition: Can An
 iPad Replace Your iPhone? - Well, since we're all still talking about
the iPad, we looked at a question raised a surprising number of times
via Twitter. Can the iPad replace your iPhone? Our tests proved a strong
 maybe – and that's even before OS 4.0 hits the iPad in the fall.-
 Lost Weekend: The 3G iPad Buyer’s Lament - Let's say you didn't rush
out to buy a Wi-Fi only iPad on release day and you waited for the 3G
model to show up. What are you supposed to do with yourself while you
wait for the later release date? What, we ask, what can you do while the
 party's already started and you're not even dressed? Here's a few tips
we came up with to get you through the long, dark iPadless night of the
 Replacing Paper: A Look at 10 iPad Reading Apps - One of the big
promises of the iPad is that it will save magazines and newspapers whose
 dead tree editions are bleeding money like a half-gutted yeti. And
looking at some of the ideas coming out of publishers' development
offices, we'd have to say some will survive and some will fall, but
everyone is thinking in very excited terms right now of what the iPad is capable of
 25 Tips to Become an INSTANT iPad Power-User - It still has that fresh
out of the box smell, but what are some of the first practical things you need to do to
get settled with your iPad? And how do you add more icons to the home bar
 across the bottom of your screen?-
 Find a File's Folder - So, you get your Spotlight Search on and you
find that picture you've been looking for, but wait, it's not the right
one after all. You wanted the shot the after the kangaroo kicked your
 father-in-law in the stomach. Well, where is that whole vacation roll? Finding the
right folder location for one file can be tricky navigating, but we'll
show you where your camera tucked away all those Down Under comedy
highlights. It's easy.Reviews:-
 iBooks - One of the big pushes for the iPad is that it will be your
go-to e-reader. Apple wants to corner the market on the e-book
experience (like they did with .mp3s), but how does iBooks rate and
stack up? Take a stroll along this gorgeous interface and we'll tell you
 all about it.-
 iWork for iPad - Without some kind of go-to content creation software,
the iPad could just be written off as a big iPod touch (and still mostly
 is). But Apple anticipated that with iWork, their suite of office
software. Yes, none of the apps are as feature rich as the desktop programs , but they've managed to pack a great deal of solid functionality
into these tiny little numbers. They'll take some getting used to, but we think
overall these turned out pretty great.News:All
 right, all right, enough about the iPad. Surely once more something of
interest happened in the Mac world that wasn't iPad related, after all.
Right out of the gate, Steve Jobs answered an email regarding that
infamous rule change in Section 3.3.1. A blogger wrote to Jobs, and the
reply he received? Been there, done that, junk, more or less...of
course, since Apple feels like they need to be such a heavy handed
parent, there's always the jailbreak route (becoming more and more
attractive), and the jailbreak community claims to have cracked OS 4.0
within hours of its release...the actual release happening just about a half
hour after the Keynote kicked off...AppleInsider documents all kinds of
NDA-breaking screenshots of all the little tweaks and updates and
add-ons that Apple's tucked into the new OS; check them out for some
very pretty stuff...number one thing everyone was interested in, of
course, was multitasking, and it's in there...although not if your
iPhone or iPod touch is 3G or earlier or second generation touches...and
while 80% of the Fortune 100 love the iPhone, we're thinking the
security upgrades with OS 4.0 will push that number up a bit higher...Since
 the iPad has so far only been released stateside, that didn't stop some
 enterprising Hong Kong retailers from going to the gray market to sate
overseases desire...speaking of business, HTC is very much in the news,
with T-Mobile possibly trying to entice customers away from AT&T
with their plan to give users $350 and an HDC2 to trade in their
iPhone...and it looks like HTC might just scoop up some of the remnants
of the handset market turned to meaty chum after the iPhone, as rumor
has it Palm is very much in the need of a buyer...not that Rupert
Murdoch needs a savior, but he's very much of the opinion that the iPad
might just be the device to keep newspapers from swirling down the drain
 – and with the prices his WSJ wants to charge, it could
happen...another businessman who's very bullish on Mac products turns
out to be Verizon's CEO Ivan Seidenberg; he's decided to stop playing
coy and come right out and ask for the iPhone for the the
rivalry business, while Marvel may already be out for iPhones and iPads,
 at least one artist at competitor DC is proving that at least some over
 there are thinking about bringing the Caped Crusader to the iPad.In
 the realm of maybe-coming-soon, a rumor is out on the street that new
MacBook Pros might be out this coming Tuesday; if so, the Apple release
party has just been extended...and if so, think of the looks you'd get
sliding your new laptop into one of these slick wooden skins...of
course, you'll still have to take it out to wow the guards at TSA
checkpoints in the airport, unlike the iPad which gets the official wave
 through; we knew there'd be perks we hadn't considered...of course, if
you put your iPad into this bacon designed skin, they might just want
you to pull it out of your bag just for the sheer joy of seeing such a
big hunka meat...and if Apple really is working on a smaller iPad, that
one will get the wave through too, we figure...and customized colors
might be your thing for your iPad too; after all, what's the use of
having the latest, coolest gizmo if you're not going to pull it out for
the attention?
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