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Author Topic: What iCloud Drive storage plan should you get?  (Read 537 times)
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What iCloud Drive storage plan should you get?

<div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even" property="content:encoded"><p><a href='' title="What iCloud Drive storage plan should you get? "><img src='' />[/url]</p> <p>iCloud Drive is revamping the traditional <a href="" title="iCloud backup, photos, setup, and how-to">iCloud[/url] service we've been using for a few years now. Instead of just being able to house your contacts, calendars, Photo Stream, and backups, iCloud Drive can act as a central repository for lots of different kinds of files. You can then access these files through various different kinds of apps. iCloud Drive can also help take some of the strain off of your physical storage constraints if you need it to. You'll need to pick a monthly subscription plan that dictates how much iCloud Drive storage space you get to share and access on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac or PC.</p> <p>So which storage plan is right for your needs? Follow along and I'll help you decide!</p> <!--break--> <h2>Warning before upgrading</h2> <p>iCloud Drive works hand in hand with OS X Yosemite, which should come out next month. So if you depend on accessing files cross-platform, please read our iCloud Drive warning before upgrading to it.</p> <ul><li>Read this before upgrading to iCloud Drive</li> </ul><h2>iCloud Drive storage plan options</h2> <p>iCloud Drive currently offers five different subscription options. The storage that you get will be split between any and all devices you're using. This includes iPhones, iPads, Macs, and access on supported Windows computers. Your iCloud Drive storage space will account for any files you store in any apps and your iCloud backups for all your devices.</p> <ul><li>5GB of storage - Free</li> <li>20GB of storage - $0.99 per month</li> <li>200GB of storage - $9.99 per month</li> <li>500 GB of storage - $9.99 per month</li> <li>1TB of storage - $19.99 per month</li> </ul><h2>What to consider before picking an iCloud Drive storage plan</h2> <p>Before making a decision, it's always important to consider a few things. These are the questions you should consider before deciding on an iCloud Drive storage plan:</p> <ul><li>Are backups already making you run out of iCloud storage space?</li> <li>Do you use any other cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive?</li> <li>Do you plan on ditching your current storage service for iCloud Drive, or are you going to use them both? </li> <li>How many different file types do you work with each day? </li> <li>Do you have a strong need for cross-platform support when it comes to accessing multiple files on the go each day? </li> </ul><p>Now that you've asked yourself those questions, the decision should become a little more clear. These are currently my recommendations on iCloud Drive storage space:</p> <h2>Who should stick with the free iCloud Drive option?</h2> <p>If you own only one iOS device and tend to travel light when it comes to apps, media, and files, you're probably fine with the free offering. You'll have access to all your files and documents across any platform so as long as you don't have a ton of them, you'll get the conveniences of iCloud Drive at no additional cost to you.</p> <h2>Who should get the 20GB iCloud Drive subscription?</h2> <p>There are some people that only use iCloud to back up their devices. Many people I know have both an iPhone and an iPad and continuously run out of space for iCloud backups. For most folks, 20GB is enough space to back up a decent amount of data from both an iPhone and iPad. However, if you have a 64GB device, you may still find yourself running out of space if you consider yourself to be a packrat.</p> <p>The 20GB plan is perfect for folks who just want to back up to iCloud and aren't storing thousands about thousands of photos and videos on their iPhones and iPads. This is especially the case if you already subscribe and rely on a service such as Dropbox or Google Drive and don't plan on abandoning it anytime soon.</p> <h2>Who should get 200GB or 500GB iCloud Drive storage plans?</h2> <p>I'm lumping these two plans together because if you're considering either of them, you already know you're a digital hoarder that despises the idea of having to transfer photos and videos to your computer, because that's so 2010. You most likely have 64GB or higher capacity devices simply due to this reason.</p> <p>If the thought of having to dump photos from your iPhone or iPad to your computer makes your skin crawl and you don't already utilize a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, you most likely need to shell out cash for the 200GB or 500GB storage plans.</p> <h2>Who should get the 1TB iCloud Drive storage plan?</h2> <p>If you need 1TB of iCloud Drive storage, you probably don't need me to tell you that. You have tons of large files, lots of photos to store, and you want to make pretty much every document on your Mac or PC available to you on every device. With iCloud Drive extending to all kinds of apps, anyone who edits RAW photo files or other kinds of graphics on the go may appreciate the flexibility the 1TB plan offers. This may especially be the case as more and more App Store apps hook into it.</p> <h2>Which iCloud Drive storage plan did you pick?</h2> <p>After you've made your decision, let me know in the comments what you picked and why! Are you abandoning any existing cloud storage subscriptions to make the switch? Be sure to let me know that too!</p> </div></div></div><div id="comment-wrapper-nid-27063"></div><img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br clear='all'/>

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